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When You Least Expect It

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When you Least Expect It:

When You Least Expect It continues Weston Harris Hill’s mission to make music without stipulations. He is joined by an all-star group of musicians from Nashville, who have woven a multi-faceted sonic tapestry that elevates these songs to a new level, and allows the stories inside them to bubble to the surface. Again recorded at home, on a Tascam 388, Weston has begun to explore the boundaries of what he is musically capable of, and hopes to keep expanding them into the future.

Weston Harris Hill: Songs/Guitar

Sol Philcox-Littlefield: Guitar

Greg Herndon: Keys/Vocals

Aaron Bond: Bass/Vocals

Aaron Till: Fiddle

David Cunningham: Sax


Inside Out was created in a basement.  More specifically, it was created in a bedroom on an old Tascam 388 Tape Machine, with almost no prior experience.  The only goal was to make a record that sounded like ones I grew up listening to and to make something I could be proud of.    Thank you to everyone who helped make it happen.  

Weston Harris Hill: Songwriter/Guitars/Vocals/Harmonica

Adam Bickers: Producer/Drums/Intro Scream

Kevin Black: Bass Guitar

Greg Herndon: Keyboards

Dominic Billett: Drums (Different Kind of Blue/Last Record Store)